6 Ways to Prep Generation Z for an Interview

It is not doubted that with the influx of Generation Z entering the job market currently, we’re seeing the most technologically advanced group of professionals applying to jobs that have all these amazing dreams and ambitions about what they can do in the working world.

Where a lot of Generation Z’ers are failing though is within the interview process and this is because they simply don’t get the basics right.

So as a recruiter, employer and HR professional you should be educating young candidates on the formalities of an interview process and here are 6 ways to help you do so:

1. Dress respectably

Addeco report that 75% of hiring managers believe the top mistake millennials make is wearing inappropriate attire. Imagine what this figure would be now with Generation Z who is believed to be far more laidback about dress code than the generations that preceded them.

So while strict dress codes are no longer as strict as they used to be, it is your job as a recruiter to make sure that your candidates first and foremost go to their interviews looking as professional and respectable as possible.

2. Research, research, research

A job interview staple. Do. Your. Research. Give your candidates a low-down on the company, and make sure they are doing their own homework.

Tell them not to waste time asking questions that anybody who spent 5 minutes on the company website could answer. Get your candidates to draw out 4 to 5 meaningful and personal questions that will help them gain genuine insight into the company.

3. Have an open mind

As we move on from every generation to generation, it seems like we’re getting more and more ambitious because of the advances we are making as a society. So we’re getting teenagers and college grads wanting to become entrepreneurs right out of college.

They are ready to make a difference right now, but we should be telling Generation Z’ers that very few people start off in their dream position. Educate them on the value of trying different things and testing themselves in multiple working environments.

Having ambition and dreams are great, but they aren’t always achieved in the short-term. Most dreams take a lot of time, experience and hard work to achieve, and that’s what Gen Z need to understand.

4. Remind them they are fresh

Tell your candidate to sell their youth. Companies want to hear that the candidate recognizes they still have a lot to learn.

Moreover, 57% of Gen Z admit to feeling nervous before for an interview, so just let them know that as long as they have got a few good internships under their belt, they don’t need to have a wealth of experience to get a job coming straight out of college.

5. Social media clean up

Generation Z are social media natives. They are on everything; Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and other platforms you’ve probably never heard of.

So companies understand that these are places where they can find out a bit about the young professionals coming in for an interview that week.

Based on an article we previously featured on our blog, here are the 8 Steps to Your Pre-Interview Social Media Clean Up:

  • Delete your own questionable posts
  • Delete your own questionable pictures
  • Untag yourself in undesirable photos
  • Choose a professional profile picture
  • Don’t talk about work on social media
  • Update your info on Facebook
  • Update your LinkedIn
  • Keep your Twitter feed interesting

6. Print your CV

Sure we live in a digital world, something that is especially true to Generation Z, but we should always be reminding them that they should be printing out CVs for interviews. Never show up empty-handed. It’s an old sign of respect.

And not just one, print out a few just in case you being interviewed by a group of people. Sure this may be one of the oldest tricks in the book, but it’s a part of the interview process that shows the candidate took the time to think about the people he or she is getting interviewed by.

Companies all around the world are clapping at their feet trying to figure out how they can hire new and upcoming professionals, so a Generation Z’er that knows his or her way around an interview can go an extremely long way.

Credit: https://theundercoverrecruiter.com/gen-z-interview-tips/

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