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The Bad Mentor is your solution to unlocking the full potential of mentorship. Empower your professional growth with healthy, productive mentor relationships guided by The Bad Mentor.

In Growing Up Boss, readers get a glimpse inside the life of Brandon Griffin growing up as a young entrepreneur. Learn how to turn a hobby into a stream of income. Understand how credit cards, cars, and college debt have the potential to be the biggest threat to your ability to achieve success on your own terms; and how to create family environments that help you bloom into your full potential.


The Success Story of You is a guided journal based on Brandon Griffin’s inspiring young adult book, Growing Up Boss. The journal helps students prepare themselves to graduate into a new phase of life, go on a guided exploration to increase self-awareness, and begin crafting their unique story of success.


Gen Z Mastermind

Because blogs, books, and podcasts can only get you so far, Gen Z Mastermind allow students to surround themselves with ambitious peers working towards achieving similar goals. During Gen Z Mastermind sessions, group members talk about developing business ideas, building professional networks, establishing and working towards career goals, and overcoming challenges. Gen Z Mastermind sessions are led by Gen Z Life Coach, Brandon Griffin and other featured mentors. Mastermind groups meet 6 times within a 90 day period. Each session is approximately 2 Hours, via Zoom Video Conference. Students must submit application to be considered. Each group is limited to only 10 students.

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Everyone’s  path to success is different. The Success Story of You Podcast features business leaders sharing stories and reflections of how they got to where they are. During these interviews, every setback, “failure”, career pivot, and side job that helped lead the business leader to success is celebrated to encourage young professionals to embrace their own unique path to success. The Success Story of You Podcast also features a Growing Up Boss segment, where Millennial entrepreneurs share advice and lessons learned with Gen Z entrepreneurs.

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