Parenting Generation Z

Over the course of history, some researchers and historians have divided and classified each of the generations. This is taught in some international schools in the Philippines, and has been used to identify different age groups across the world.

Generation Z is currently the youngest generation, which is why it is important to teach and nurture them so that they would be able to fulfill their full potential and become citizens that would lead the way into an exciting future ahead. To help you out, here are some effective parenting tips that would help raise your Generation Z children:



Allow them to take risks

According to studies, Generation Z is a group of people, who are self-starters. Noticeably, there are numerous start-up companies both in the international and local scenes owned by young people belonging in this demographic. It is easy to see the eagerness and hardworking nature of these individuals, who want to gain success in the long run.

Failure is, of course, part of one’s journey to success. It can affect a person both physically and emotionally, which is why knowing how to manage and learn from it is very important to do from a young age. One of the things that a parent must allow their children to do is to let them take calculated risks in various activities and interests.


Regulate their use of technology

If the Millennials and Generation X got the first opportunity to use gadgets and digital media in various settings, Generation Z children would be living in the era in which technology has been fully integrated into their daily lives since birth to early childhood. Children today have access (and a more effortless understanding) to some of the most sophisticated devices, which allows them to learn and accomplish more tasks in a shorter period of time.

Despite the many advantages and privileges of using these gadgets, our advice for parents is to regulate their usage. Since these can access games and websites, they have the tendency to become distracting, which may affect their children’s performance in schoolwork.

As parents of Generation Z children, make sure that they only use their gadgets for a limited amount of time during the day. This would help improve their focus, and help them learn skills that do not require the use of such technology, which could be very helpful in the future, as non-technological skills are practiced less often.


Teach them the value of human communication

It is indeed true that the Generation Z are “digital natives.” This means that they are very knowledgeable about technology and the Internet. Though this may be a good trait, this could also be a ground for them to lack human interaction.

With all of the technology that your children are able to access today, actual human connection is becoming less. This causes challenges for children, as they are not able to develop their communication skills as much as the previous generations. This can be problematic, as good communication skills are highly necessary in both school and the workplace.

With this in mind, it is best to help your child know the value of communication by helping him improve on it. You can help him practice by interacting with him and encouraging him to speak to other people whenever you go out. Refining his communication skills would surely help him in the long run.


Key Takeaway

Raising Generation Z children could be a challenge, especially if you have no idea how to do so. But by allowing them to take risks, regulating their use of technology, and teaching them the value of human communication, you are educating them valuable skills for life.


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