Gen Z: The Entrepreneurial Generation

Gen Z must weigh their options when it comes to reliable career paths whilst avoiding the debt trap. Armed with the entrepreneurial spirit of a millennial, but perhaps with a tad more caution and forethought, Gen Z will pave their way to success without following anyone else’s rules.

Born after 1996, Gen Z already includes 61 million Americans — the oldest of which are beginning to graduate college. But their approach to their own college experience is unlike ant other generation before them, and their financial future planning begins well before they start their first semester of university. According to Gen Z, 70% believe that student loan debt will make it harder to save for the future and many of them are looking for solutions to avoid the debt trap. Before age 10, 21% of Gen Zers already have a saving account and 24% plan to pay for college through their own personal savings. Beyond college, their unique outlook on career paths, entrepreneurship, and sustainable earning continues.

For Gen Z, Innovation is the name of the game. Take a look at this infographic for more detail on the nuances of the post-millennial generation Gen Z entrepreneurship, how they are learning lessons from past generations’ mistakes, and making their way to success.


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