7 Must Have Back-to-School Items for Generation Z

The beginning of August means Back-to-School season is in full force, and Amazon has given us yet another reason to love them. Avoid the department store lines and shop Amazon’s Back-to-School Supply Guide filled with everything Generation Z students, parents, and teachers need for the school year.

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The guide is filled with hundreds of items but here are a few that would be on the top of my list if I were going back to school this fall:


  1. Backpack – It’s important to get a book bag large enough for books, your laptop, and provides enough support so that it’s not too much of a load on your back. This book bag from AmazonBasics can hold a 17-inch laptop, is durable, and is only $30.
  2. Index Cards – Don’t forget to stock up on index cards to create flashcards as you study. Index cards are also a great tool to use as you give presentations. Remember, you just need to write the main headlines to jog your memory. Don’t write the entire speech on the card!
  3. Spiral Notebooks – A great way to be organized and prepared for class is to get a 1 subject college ruled notebook for each subject. This pack of six should do the trick.
  4. Folders – Keep track of all of those loose worksheets and tests that you’ll get back. You’ll need them for the Final!
  5. Loose Leaf Paper – Get this not just for yourself, but also those friends around you who always need to “borrow” a piece of paper. I hate ripping sheets of paper out of my notebooks, so just get loose leaf in advance.
  6. 3-Ring Binders – For some subjects a spiral notebook just won’t be enough, and you will need to build your own. Using this 3-ring binder, loose leaf paper, and a few folders – you should be all set.
  7. Flash Drive – Flash drives area always great even if you have your own laptop. You never know when you may have to switch computers to transfer files from one computer to another – especially when you go to the library to print!

Bonus for the Gen Z Young Entrepreneur

So, if I was in school, I totally would get the HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer. The cost is a little bit more than $100, but if you are thinking like an entrepreneur you see the opportunity. Capture moments of your friends during the most fun hour of the day (lunch hour) and have the printed photo ready at the end of the school day (for $1 of course) 🙂


About Brandon L. Griffin – Gen Z Life Coach

Brandon L. Griffin is a digital native, Millennial, and success coach for Generation Z students. Brandon Griffin’s entrepreneurial mind was nurtured at an early age and he seeks to provide the same positive reinforcement to students across the country. In addition to youth, Brandon L. Griffin provides coaching support to parents, educators, and employers focused on cross-generational diversity, inclusion, and professional development. Learn more about Brandon L. Griffin’s upcoming Gen Z Life Coach workshops here.